Trish said...

hello!! How is the not smoking going? I "quit" about 2 weeks ago, but I still bum 1 now and then-going to try to quit that too!! I have patches, but they don't seem to work, plus some commit lozenges, and they work better, but I want to be able to quit buying those too-just wondered how you were doing- love your blog so much, such a great idea:)

carolyn alexander said...

Still going good but it is much easier here as I don't know any smokers in the mountains. Big test will be next week when I visit home and hang out with all my smoker friends... bargh! I'll have my trusty inhalator though for times when drawings not an option. You should try it... you look like a fool but helps mucho with the actual habit part if you get me. Anyways good luck!